Network Input Module FTP

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Network Input Module FTP

XTBA Distribution Input Modules allow multiple DMX control Inputs, for example for use in stalls or remote positions on stage.

The Network Input Module FTP means First Takes Precedence.

The Network Input Modules system logic prevents more than one input being active at a time, removing the possibility of data clashes. Once XTBA Distribution Input Modules are installed, your system becomes much more flexible, giving you remote access to the Lighting Control Distribution via a hand held transmitter, and allowing the control system to be moved to a more convenient location during plotting.

The Input Modules display shows if the module is available (LED red) not available (LED off) e.g. other transmitters are on line. Once the module is receiving a valid input, the LED will light green.

Distribution Input Modules are available in two types: 

* The Standard Module will prioritise the inputs, dependant on their position on the line. The inputs can be set up to default to the desk master override control on the inputs, locking out all other inputs if transmitting. 

* The Input FTP Module will switch the line to the first transmitted unit and lock out all other modules. Once the active module is free, the Input Network is available again, indicating this by lighting the red led.

Standard and FTP modules can be mixed in installation to provide maximum flexibility.



Supply voltage

9-15v DC


PCB Cardset



XTBA declares that this equipment meets the requirements of the EMC Directive 89/366/EEC.