Still to be found, Strand's D54 protocol has lasted a good deal longer than expected. An analogue protocol (and not greatest at the best of times) but a testament to the longevity of Strand's STM, JTM and Tempus dimmers which it was interfaced to. XTBA's Smart Link 2 converts D54 to DMX and DMX to D54 and there is not much more to be said!

D54-DMX Bi-Directional Converter

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XTBA's SMART LINK 2 is a single unit D54 to DMX512 and DMX512 to D54 protocol converter.

The unique feature of this product is that both types of conversion can be used independently of each other simultaneously!

The Smart Link takes one D54 data line and converts its 384 control channels to DMX512 allowing Strand lighting controls to output to DMX, also converting from DMX to D54 allowing any DMX desk to control Strand dimmers. In addition Smart Links can digitally filter line noise to reduce wiggily mirrors and jittery scrollers.



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